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BHThis brand isSpainBrand, the headquarters is located inSpainBasque area (Vasco) of Vitoria (Vitoria-Gasteiz), is a nearly 100 year history of European companies,t25 gamma calendar the No.1 in EuropeFitness EquipmentSuppliers, ranked second in the world. Founded in 1909 BH group more than a hundred years of history,t25 gamma review started by precision munitions machinery industry. 20 s gradually transition to exercise fitness equipment manufacturer,t25 workout schedule self rate after 60's bike has reached 100%, 70 years will be outdoor sports fitness concept into indoor, and in the Exercycle S.L. Department of headquarters was set up, design and development for indoor sports fitness equipment.t25 meal plan In addition to the Spanish headquarters, in England, France, Germany, BH Holland, Portugal, Mexico, America, andChinaTaiwan to set up a wholly owned subsidiary of the eight international. BH's own brands including BH HiPower, BH ProAction, BH Fitness, BH SHIATSU and VivaFit. By the end of 2008 BH landing China. In China sold products have localization, grade and Joe Hill maintained in a horizontal line,t25 nutrition guide the price is relatively better. In many high-grade hotel gym is used in BH products, the product is also very good. 1 The village has gymnastical equipment, property management is rigorous, safety hassafeguard. community fitness equipment, property management is rigorous, safety has safeguard,2 IsoFit - pirates, gyrotonic, fitness physical training Yoga, body kinetics,t25 amazon Rommet techniqueposture, Allegro. Wei Lei letter California Fitness Center - a private coach fitness method, the club and fitness equipment is introduced,3 Mylife International Gym & Spa have famous "Life Fitness" Gym Facilities and SpaEquipment. Charm Treasure International Health Club has a set of international famous brand "Li Jian" fitness equipment and beauty equipment.